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"texts for"the real Physical Education"
for All Physical Practitioners





" mflfmca "

Please be sure to check the following before purchasing. We will not reply to any questions about the matters described. please note that.
① Click to go to the purchase screen
②Pay with Paypal or Stripe
③ After purchase, the browsing password will be displayed on the screen. Please be sure to save.
④ Download the text and enter the browsing password. Be sure to download the text within 3 days of purchase.
⑤ Save it on your device within the deadline stated at the time of download. We will not be able to resend the download link after that. You can also download it from the purchase confirmation email.

* We receive inquiries that the purchase button does not work, but all inquiries confirm problems with the purchaser's terminal. Please clear the cache, upgrade to the latest OS, refresh the screen, etc.


* We will not be responsible for any mistakes in downloading / storing texts, etc. under the responsibility of the buyer.


* Acrobat Reader 9 or later is required to play the video on the PC.


* When viewing on a smartphone or tablet, you need to download "ezPDF Reader" to play a PDF embedded video.


* Acrobat Reader 9 or later is required to play the video on the PC.

※ latest software, please use good communication environment.
* The secretariat cannot provide the password. Please be sure to check the purchase screen.
* We do not accept any refund after purchase.
* Please use the latest software and a good communication environment.
Printing, transfer and duplication of texts are strictly prohibited.
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