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Nobuchika Yamaki



・ MoveFree! Physical Edutainment


・ Meiji University Athletic Association Basketball Club Trainer (2014-present)

・ Private Kirinoen High School Men's Basketball Head Trainer (2018-present)

・ Kokugakuin University Men's Basketball Head Trainer (2019-Present)

· The University of Electro-Communications American football Medical Support (2014- present)

・ Meiji University Physical Education Volleyball Club Trainer (2014-2018)

・ Bj League Tokyo Sun Rave's Head Trainer (2014-2016)

・ Athletic Trainer, Chiba University of Commerce American Football (2012-2014)

・ Head trainer, Keio University Basketball Association (2007-2013)

・ Matsudo Nishiguchi Orthopedic Clinic Rehabilitation Office (2011-2013)

・ Kei Suzuki, Head of Rehabilitation Office, Yasuragi Clinic (2013-2014)

・ Waseda University Ultimate Team Trainer (2009-2011)

・ Keio University Kendo Club Trainer (2009-2010)

・ Bj League Kyoto Hannarys Athletic Trainer (2010-2011)

・ Lee Sofa Cup Japan-Korea Student Basketball Tournament Japan National Team Trainer (2010)

・ World Junior Ultimate Championship Japan National Team Trainer (2010)

・ Japanese Student Selection Basketball Tournament Kanto National Team Trainer (2009)

・ Personal support (2005-)



[Back Ground]

・ Tokyo University Department of Veterinary Anatomy

・ Keio University Graduate School Doctoral Program in Health Management Graduate School of Sports Management(Doctor)

・ Graduate School of Sport Sciences, Waseda University (Master)

・ Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Commerce

・ Graduated from Japan Acupuncture and Medical College

・ Graduated from Hanada Gakuen Athletic Trainer Major

・ Athletic trainer officially certified by the Japan Sports Association

・ Acupuncturist Moxibustion Anma Massage Shiatsu

・ National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Specialist

・ National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified

Corrective Exercise Specialist / Performance Enhancement Specialist

・ EXOS Certified Performance Specialist

・ Functional Movement Systems Certifiefd Selective Functional / Movement Assessment ADV

・ Functional Movement Systems Certified FMS Lv2

・ Move2Perform Certified administer The Y Balance Test

・ MovNat Certified Trainer Lv2

・ Completed Postural Restoration Institute Primary Course

・ Active Release Techniques Certified provider (Spine)

・ Graston Technique Therapist

・ Gray Institute Certification in Applied Functional Science

・ Gray Institute Certification in 3DMAPS

・ First aid extension worker

・ A training instructor certified by the Japan Training Instructors Association

・ Japan SAQ Association certified LV1 instructor

・ Japan Holistic Conditioning Association

Certified Holistic Conditioner / Physical Conditioner

・ Kinesio Taping Trainer certified by Japan Kinesio Taping Association

・ Mental Care Academic Society Certified Mental Care Psychologist



・ Training Journal November 2009 Periodization (Bookhouse HD)

・ Training Journal June 2011 Interval Training (Bookhouse HD)



Football Coaching Laboratory

All About Guide (Acupuncture / Acupuncture )

・ Let's love June 2019 issue

・ Shiseido Avene

・ Taisho Pharmaceutical Colac etc



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