Now we are facing an unprecedented situation.

Many trainers / therapists have lost their place of activity and are in the dark tunnels of unknown end. I myself am in trial and error as to how all contracted teams have stopped their activities, and how all the players can keep their motivation and condition.


We once encountered the Great East Japan Earthquake, a natural disaster, but the time has come to try in a different form. The fear of an unknown virus, which is hard to realize directly, has the power to sneak up in the back of our lives without being visible, to divide our homes and communities, and to devour people with anxiety and suspicion. 


In the present situation, we trainers / therapists may not be able to directly contribute to society.

However, I believe that we can do our best and illuminate one corner where we are in.


Although organisms have continued to evolve through various trials, the essence of trials is actually a collection of micro trials of "individuals" rather than a macro category of "species". In order to adapt and overcome the trials, we spun the trial and error that individual lives took, which eventually became a drastic change in the species, the “evolution”.


The situation of this trial seems to be given to a large category of "other affairs" such as human beings and countries, but in reality it is the same as the trial given to each individual like the trials that all living creatures have faced. 


Thinking out what you can think of now, and doing what you can do now. Be aware of the beauty of nature and keep hope to illuminate a corner where you are, without falling into biased thoughts, discrimination, attacks or discontinuities. And now , save my strength and hope that one day, my tiny existence will be useful for people and society.

Let's overcome all together.Keep Hope Alive!


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